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Cleaning Up My Haircare Routine


As the year quickly winds down, I’m already starting to think about my 2018 goals. This year was all about healing and self-care, but I want next year to be more about taking action. I am already starting to make the transition to natural products, and for me, it all starts in the shower!

One thing I know I want to work toward next year is cleaning up my beauty cabinet, and it starts with a clean haircare routine. When Maple Holistics reached out to see if I wanted to try their Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, I was super excited.

My scalp needs a lot of extra love during the winter months, and this product has done the job already! This shampoo has already cleared my mild dandruff and a breakout from recently dying my hair. It smells divine, and even created a healing aromatherapy effect in the shower when I was congested from a cold! It does leave my hair a bit dry, so I’m looking forward to adding the Tea Tree Oil Conditioner to the mix soon.

When creating a clean haircare routine, I wanted to find products that were free of harsh chemicals but still effective. The shampoo is cruelty free and doesn’t contain parabens, GMOs, or gluten. It’s also perfectly safe to use for men, women, and kids! They also do more than just clean haircare – they have skincare products, lip balms, and some decadent bubble bath blends!

If you’d like to give Maple Holistics a try, you can sign up on their website for a free sample! It’s great that they do this, especially for people like me who are still new to clean haircare products!