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Friday Favorites: Goodbye, 2017!

Friday favorites goodbye 2017

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Another year bites the dust!

2017 was such a dumpster fire of a year that I’m glad it’s over. It was one of those years you just had to bite down and get through, you know? 2018 is gearing up to be better, and I look forward to setting some goals and crushing them next year!

I’m not sure what that will mean for Afternoon Glow, though. Part of me wants to keep this train going, but part of me wants to take a break for a bit. It’s something I have to really think about over the next week or so. I’m pretty sure, as usual, I’m not alone in this. The new year often brings new goals and aspirations, which sometimes means letting go of old ones. I’ll let you know where I fall on this next week. For now, I have a pile of work to do and to figure out what I’m making for dinner (it’s beginning to look a lot like Five Guys burgers…haha).

Anyway, for the last time this year, here are my Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites

Alright, enough procrastinating! Off to tackle that pile of work, a pile of laundry, and maybe a nap because it’s so gloomy outside!

Happy New Year!