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Home Office Makeover

So it’s confession time:

I suck at decorating in apartments. The main reason is that we move too often – it’s hard to commit to anything for less than a year. Each place I’ve lived in is different from the next, from the layout to the paint color. It just seems like a huge waste of time and money to decorate a space, knowing that a year from now I’ll be somewhere else where my stuff may not work…or fit.

Another reason I am terrible at decorating in apartments is the awful color schemes I’m often stuck with. While this is one of the nicest apartments I’ve lived in, the paint color on the walls is the most boring yellowish-beige. It’s also in our lease that if we paint, we’ll owe them $250 per wall…yes, per wall…to have it repaired or repainted when we move out – which means I don’t even want to attempt it. I’ve also lived in spaces with walls ranging from white, to grey, to 80s wallpaper – which makes it tough to find pieces that work anywhere.

In spite of this, I’m doing my best to make certain spaces work. My home office space is the place I spend most of my time, and staring at a blank wall every day just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So I took this month to work on a super low-budget update of my office area!

Home Office Makeover: Final Reveal!


Home Office Makeover

The biggest motivation for me to fix up this space was the uninspiring blank wall I stared at every day. I’m also not a big fan of having a desk facing the wall, which is why I loved our last apartment, where my desk looked out a window. If I turn my desk around in this room, however, my view is my husband’s work area, which means I’d spend my days starting at a wall covered in action figures. I don’t want to spend my day staring at the equivalent of a toy store, so for now I have to find ways to spice up the wall I’m stuck with.

Home Office Makeover

The other space that was driving me nuts is to the left of the desk. I really want to put a small cabinet there for my printer and office supplies, but that’s not in the cards for now. I also wish I hadn’t put the photo collage over there, but again, it stays for now. For now, it’s a catch-all area for bags, which is a bit of a hazard with all the spiders who like to live in things I put on the floor!


Home Office Makeover

I started off my makeover by taking everything out of the room, which gave me a good idea of what to bring back in, and what to store away. After reorganizing my desk drawer and decorating my bookshelf, I found that I had a much cleaner and calmer work area.

Next, I stole the panda poster out of the living room and put it up in here, which added some color and interest to such a big wall. The bulletin boards to the right were something I picked up at a crafts store for 70% off, which meant that I got more visual interest and a place to put important or inspiring clippings for only $6 total! I’m so glad I got both of them because it fills up the wall and adds a nice balance with the poster.

I wrapped up my makeover by using one of my brass dragonfly hooks to hang up my leather bag, instead of leaving it on the floor. Again, it’s another trick for filling up wall space, and I feel better knowing the bag is safely hung up and away from the spiders we keep seeing around the apartment.

Home Office Makeover

While I wouldn’t say this makeover is complete, my new office area is in much better shape than it was a month ago! I still want to find something to put to the left of my desk for the printer, find a small basket to use for office trash, and figure out how to wrangle all the wires better. For now, though, it’s a much easier space to sit down to every day!