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Friday Favorites

Friday favorites august 18

Happy Friday!

It’s been another crazy-busy week with work and blog planning. Thankfully, the weather finally cooled down around here so I can work outside! I missed sitting outside and soaking in the sunshine, but the 90+ degree temperature and smoky air made it impossible.

We don’t have any real plans for this weekend – I may end up doing some thrift shopping in Seattle, or taking a long hike. I spent last weekend sick, so I look forward to accomplishing more and finding time to relax, too!

Here are some of my favorites from the internet this past week:

  • I’m obsessed with face masks right now, and Hello Glow posted a handy guide to choose the right mud for your skin type! My next purchase will probably be some Fuller’s Earth Clay Powder to combat the hyperpigmentation I’m fighting this summer!
  • During the summer, I am lazy as shit when it comes to my hair. I usually just let it air dry, or put it up in a bun and leave it be. Camille Styles rounded up the best products to use while air drying your hair to leave it silky, beach-wavy, and smelling great!
  • It’s that time of year again when I start eyeing up new sneakers – and these from Nike are my current favorites. I am keeping a close eye on Amazon to see if they go on sale!
  • Man Repeller asked their readers for the most addicting books, and they delivered! I will need to add a few of these to my library list!

Oh, one last thing – a few people wanted to know about the large plant in this photo. It’s a Calathea Lancifolio, also known as a Rattlesnake Plant. I got it a couple weeks ago and love it – the leaves fall in the morning, and close back up by evening – you can even see time-lapse videos of them opening and closing online!

Happy weekend!

Beauty Review: Que Bella Professional

Beauty Review: Que Bella Professional

If you’ve been following my blog (or any of my old ones), you know I’m a sucker for great drugstore beauty products. I’ve always believed that great skincare doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and many companies have created amazing and affordable skincare.

Que Bella‘s face masks have been part of my skincare routine since they first arrived in Target stores in 2011 – and that might be the longest I’ve stuck with any one brand. Their Purifying Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Mud Mask is am amazing drugstore “dupe” for The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Face Mask – and I would argue that Que Bella’s is better.

Recently, Que Bella released a new Professional line of masks in Target stores and online that gives us more options than ever to get the skin we’ve always dreamed of. You have no idea how excited I am – well, maybe you do because by the time they came out, they were almost completely sold out!

Thankfully, the lovely people at Que Bella were kind enough to send me their Professional line to try for myself. I was so excited I may have squealed a little when the package arrived…

Beauty Review: Que Bella Professional


  • They smell absolutely amazing. Seriously, no weird medicinal or harsh scents here – every single one of them smells great! My husband’s favorite was the Revitalizing Overnight Face Mask – he said it reminded him of a nice perfume or something (I don’t remember exactly how he put it…I was half asleep).
  • The quality of the masks is comparable (sometimes better) than more expensive masks. The Repairing Charcoal Mud Mask, for example, is a great dupe for the Origins charcoal mask, and costs a lot less per ounce. I can confidently say they easily rival any high-end masks!
  • All of the pouches (except the sheet masks) contain enough product for two or more masks. This makes them an even better bargain – or the perfect excuse to share with a friend (or curious husband). The Moisturizing Gel Eye Masks come in sets of 3 pairs, so you can definitely share, or keep them for later!
  • The sheet masques live up to the hype! They fit perfectly and contained enough product to stick to my face. I’ve had a lot of trouble with sheet masks falling apart or drying out, but these were perfect!
  • They make the perfect gift! Between the pretty packaging and the price, I think giving a lucky friend or family member a set of these would be a great idea for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any occasion, really!


  • The only problem I had was some irritation on my sensitive skin. I’d highly recommend doing a small patch test before using if you have sensitive skin, or a particularly bad breakout (which was my issue). Even with sensitive skin, I only had a reaction to one mask – the rest were fine.
  • They are difficult to find in stores – but I guess that’s a good “con” to have, right? I’d suggest buying them online, especially if you live in a big city like me – and buy in bulk!

Other Notes:

Well there you go – another great drugstore beauty product to keep your skin glowing and your bank account happy!

Make sure to follow Que Bella Beauty
on Instagram at @quebellabeauty and
on Twitter at @quebellabeauty
for updates on new products and promotions!


(*Note: I was sent these products as part of a promotional campaign by Que Bella Beauty to review for my lovely readers. All opinions are entirely my own. Seriously, go buy these masks – they’re amazing!)

Spa Night

Spa Night

“Spa Night” is something I wish that I did more often…and I doubt I’m alone! There is something nice about lounging around on a Sunday night after a long, hot shower, with a mask drying away on my face, and painting my nails while watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey (though lately it has been True Detective). Here are some of my go-to products for a nice, relaxing evening of treating myself!

Lush “Ro’s Argan” Body Conditioner

I love anything rose scented, and I’m a huge fan of argan oil, so this is a perfect spa night essential for me. You put it on all over your body while in the shower, then rinse it off – just like you would conditioner for your hair! It leaves my skin lightly moisturized and smelling sweet. I bought it last fall, and though it’s expensive, I still have a lot left – and I used it a LOT this past winter!

Que Bella’s Pore Minimizing Mud Mask

A mud mask is a requirement for my spa nights, and at $2 each, these are a great way to switch up my mask routine. These masks are the perfect amount for one person, and are gentle enough for sensitive skin!

Que Bella’s Purifying Mud Mask

This mask I’ve used before, and if my local Target ever gets them back in stock, I want to buy the larger tube version! This mask is a great dupe for many other tea tree oil-based masks out there (which I find can be really expensive), and it’s perfect whenever I’m dealing with a breakout. It leaves my face feeling tingly and super clean.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Big Apple Red

Okay, so the nail lacquer I photographed isn’t the one I linked to above – I get that. However, Sephora no longer sells OPI, so I found a decent substitute for the old “And A Cherry on Top” that I still have lying around. It’s a great, classic red shade that’s perfect for fingers and toes. When in doubt, just go with red everywhere!

Yardley London Soap Bath Bar in English Lavender

I’m a bar soap kinda gal, but you’ll never see that yellow bar of Dial in my bathroom (unless my husband is sharing with me, then I guess you might find it in there). I’ve been using this bar soap for years, and have no plans to change anytime soon! It has the perfect amount of lavender scent that isn’t too strong, but lingers a bit after the shower.

Now, I’m off to dream of the next night I’ll have free to buff and shine my way to bliss!