Friday Favorites


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Welcome to another Friday Favorites!

First of all, don’t forget that Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend! Check out yesterday’s post on ways to help make the change go as smoothly as possible!

As always, I plan to spend the weekend relaxing and reading. Of course, this rarely happens. I’m pretty sure I’ll be out watching the new Thor movie at some point, grocery shopping, and there will be laundry (there is always laundry). Hopefully I can shut myself away somewhere on Sunday to finish the book I’m currently so close to finishing!

Anyway, here are some things I’ve been loving online this week!

  • If you are a total beauty nerd like me, you do some serious research before trying new products. I recently discovered, a site that thoroughly reviews just about anything from makeup to kitchen tools. Their foundation review is extremely detailed and gave me a few ideas to try! I highly recommend their site, especially if you’re starting to think about buying Christmas gifts for friends and family!
  • After seeing this outfit on Man Repeller’s own Harling Ross, I am now on the hunt for the perfect wide-leg pants and vintage tee to re-create this look! MR gave readers some serious inspiration with their list of favorites. I’m definitely adding these to my post-#NoSpendNovember list!
  • I’m getting bored with my bedroom furniture. It’s all Ikea, and all kinda…meh. Thankfully, the Ikea Hackers have a solution that only involves some paint, marble contact paper, and door handles. I really want to elevate my beige Malm dresser into something more…grown up. Now, to find the perfect grayish navy blue paint…
  • Goop is at it again with the easy and super healthy recipes! I am dying to try their Turkey Meatballs recipe, which looks like the perfect dinner on a cold, rainy evening!
  • I’m giving thredUP a try this fall, and I can’t wait to get my first seasonal box order! They also sent me a bag to send in clothes to sell/donate, and I’m looking forward to getting rid of summer clothes I didn’t wear this year. I’ll let you know how it goes, of course!
  • Giving up dairy has been a process for me over the past month. Finding a coffee creamer that’s fully non-dairy took forever (and, no surprise…it costs a ton). Another recipe I’m dying to try is this gluten-free, dairy-free cream of chicken soup from Iowa Girl Eats. I use cream of chicken soup in a lot of fall/winter recipes, so having a non-dairy option will make this transition even easier. Once I find a non-dairy cheese I like, the transition will be complete!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Friday Favorites! I’m off to try to get all my “household chores” done before the weekend, so I can relax and finish that damn book already!

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Fall Beauty Updates

fall beauty updates

(Sorry for the crap quality photo. Sometimes things just don’t go your way!)

Fall is finally here!

I’m looking forward to updating my beauty routine to reflect the new season. Summer is easy, with little makeup and simple updos. Once the weather cools, I get excited about the new beauty trends I can try out. It must stem from my years as a teacher. Instead of stocking up on new school supplies, I’m focusing on new lip colors and some old favorites I still love.

Fall Beauty Update

L’Oreal Preference Hair Dye in Medium Chestnut Brown (5CB)

For many reasons I should probably write about in another post, I chose to stop dying my hair around Christmas last year. It turns out that while I don’t really have any grey hair yet to cover (yay genetics!), my natural hair color is boring the shit out of me. So I’m excited to mix it up for fall with a deeper, warmer hue.

Not Your Mother’s “Love for Hue” Shampoo & Conditioner

Since I haven’t dyed my hair in almost a year, I want to make sure what I do sticks. I used other products from them in the past and they were all great, so I look forward to using these too!

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation (Classic Ivory 120)

I have been using the “Dewy + Smooth” version of this all summer and loved it. For fall, I wanted to switch it up and go with the matte version, which is just as great. My skin gets stupid oily in the winter, so this should help.

NYX Butter Gloss in Red Wine Truffle

Okay, this was a total impulse buy. I don’t own a dark red lipgloss, and this shade is perfect for fall. The best part of the butter gloss is that you can really customize the look. I usually wear a little of it more like a stain, but it also looks amazing piled on too!

CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara in Black Brown

This is my all-time favorite mascara. Nothing new – just bought a new one after I got pink eye and had to throw mine out.

NYX Slim Eye Pencils in Charcoal and Light Brown

I have these in black and dark brown, but I like going a bit lighter on the eyes if I’m going darker on the lips. These are a great because I don’t have to be super precise when applying them, and on lazy fall days that’s just perfect.

Earth Therapeutic’s Triple Butter Intensive Foot Balm

I’ll gladly admit that my feet get absolutely wrecked in the fall/winter months. Changing out sandals for boots leaves them pretty dry and gross. So this year, I’m hoping to keep on top of it with a nightly ritual of foot balm and cozy socks. This one smells and feels amazing, and not at all greasy.

What are you planning to stock up on this fall? I’m still looking for a good hand lotion, so if you have any good suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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Summer Makeup Staples

Summer Makeup Staples

When I was younger, the thought of wearing makeup in the summer months seemed insane to me. Summers were for swimming (or working) at the pool, softball games, and going to the movies with friends.

I still try to avoid wearing makeup every day in the summer, mostly because it just sweats off anyway. However, when I do make the effort, I stick with simple, light makeup that only takes me 5 minutes tops!

Summer 2015 Makeup

Clinique Stay-Matte Oil Free Makeup in 05-Fair

Back in January, I went to my local Sephora to try out their foundation matching service, and came home with this. After trying it out at home, I realized that it was way too dark for my winter skin! I blame the terrible lighting in my Sephora for making it look better in the store, but held onto it because, well, it wasn’t cheap! Now that I have a bit more of a tan, it matches well, and it’s a nice, light, easily buildable foundation for summer.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Iced Mocha

When it comes to eye makeup in summer, I’m very, very lazy. This is the perfect, coppery gold shade to make my blue eyes stand out – and it’s simple to apply! Just draw it on, and blend with your fingers. It’s a great way to look put together without having to deal with eyeliner in the morning!

Benefit’s BeneBalm

This isn’t a summer-specific product. I’m not a big lipstick person, so this is perfect for when I’m in a hurry and need a little color boost!

Covergirl Clump Crusher Water Resistant Mascara By Lashblast in Black Brown

Waterproof mascara is a must in the summer, especially if you plan to get sweaty or jump into a pool/lake/ocean. It holds up all day, and adds just enough color to help define my eyes. It’s great with or without eyeliner, and it lives up to its name – no clumps!

NYX Dark Circle Concealer in 02 Light

As I said above, I suffer from dark eye circles during allergy season, so I rarely leave the house without at least some concealer. To conceal them, it’s important to find a concealer that is on the opposite side of the color wheel from whatever color your under-eye circles are (use yellow concealer if they’re purple, orange concealer if they’re blue, green concealer if they’re red, etc.).

Since my bags are mostly blue, I went with this orange-based concealer. It’s a heavy coverage formula, so you won’t need a lot, and it blends really well. Since it’s more moisturizing than my regular concealer, it’s perfect for baggy, swollen eyes.

Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler in Rose Gold

This is another product that isn’t summer-only, but I use it every day. Curling your lashes is a great trick to look more awake whether you have time for mascara or not! This one is comfortable, effective, and looks great on my bathroom counter!

What are your summer makeup staples? Or do you avoid it like I used to when I was younger and much, much more tan?

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