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4 Best Shows to Watch in May

4 Best Shows to Watch in May

Living somewhere without cable for the first time in years, I have become much more selective about what I watch. Whether you are a cord-cutter, or just looking to expand your horizons, there is amazing programming out there for you! Here are a just a few things I am watching obsessively lately.

4 Best Shows to Watch in May

Chelsea (Netflix)

I’ve been watching Chelsea Handler host a night-time show since her years at the E! network, and when she made the move to Netflix, I was all in. Her second season just started, and you can tell they are hitting their stride with the new format. The show posts at 12pm PST every Friday, and runs about an hour. It’s full of thoughtful and fun interviews, travel, education, pot smoking, and a whole lot of the usual Chelsea snark we love.

If you want to learn how to get more politically involved, hear from men and women doing amazing things, and laugh your ass off…check this one out for sure!

Fargo (FX / hulu)

This show is only a few episodes in, but I’m already hooked. It has all the midwest charm and dark humor of the film, and if you’ve been watching the show from the beginning, it feels a lot like season one. There is murder, mystery, hijinks, and a harsh reminder of how COLD it is in the winter!

If you need to get caught up on seasons 1-2,  head on over to hulu. The new season is on the FX app, which I know is tethered to your cable account, but it’s worth checking out if you have access to it!

The Handmaid’s Tale (hulu)

I was on board with this show when hulu first announced they were making the show. This is an adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel about a dystopian future, and how women fight the new order of subjugation and sexual oppression. I am a huge fan of the book, and after watching the first few episodes, I’m a huge fan of the show now too.

If you like watching shows with suspense, strong and complex female characters, and won’t be too freaked out at the thought that this shit could happen, check it out. It’s a great show given what’s been going on with our government, women’s rights, and the war on contraception.

Chef’s Table (Netflix)

If you are like me and love documentaries, definitely check out this show. It has some of the most beautiful imagery I’ve ever seen on television (except maybe Planet Earth…but it’s damn close). Each episode follows a different world-class chef, and documents their journey to success (which, as we learn, is rarely ever straightforward).

It’s a great show to both satiate your food porn needs. It also has great themes about hard work, dedication, taking risks, and staying true to who you are.


Well I’m off to go catch up on some more shows! If you are living cable-free (for the most part), check out all the great programming out there online. There is a TON of it!

What have you been watching lately? I am always looking for suggestions!

Friday Favorites: Guy Wish List

Last week, I covered what I would put on my wish list this holiday season. This week, I’d like to offer up a couple great ideas for the guys in your life. These are all great suggestions for your significant other, father, brother, grandfather, and any other man in your life who, like the men in my life, are almost impossible to shop for!

Friday Favorites: Guy Wish List

Friday Favorites: Guy Wish List

Idea #1: A Monthly Subscription Service

There is nothing better than a gift that keeps on giving, right? A subscription can be a great gift you can tailor to your budget and your guy’s interests. These are my two favorite I’ve seen so far:

Dollar Shave Club:

If your guy shaves on a regular basis, Dollar Shave Club would be a great gift! You can customize their subscription to what style razor he uses, how often he shaves, and your budget. My husband never shaves, but if he did, I’d seriously consider this for him!


If your guy drinks on a regular basis (just kidding…sort of), consider signing him up for Saloonbox. Each month, they will send him a box containing everything he’ll need to make a signature cocktail – and enough left over to share! I think my husband would love this, since he’s always experimenting with new drinks (but doesn’t like spending a lot for ingredients he may not like or only use once). If it works out well, you can always get yourself one too!

Friday Favorites: Guy Wish List

Idea #2: Upgrade His Everyday Favorites

My husband cheaps out on damn near everything, so I often try to find gifts for him that are upgrades of something he’s already worn out, or something he’d never buy for himself. Here are some great ideas for ways to upgrade your guy’s everyday things:

Archer Glengoolie Rocks Glasses

Glengoolie is the name the show Archer uses for their scotch bottles. It’s a bit of an inside joke, and your guy will love these glasses if he watches the show (especially if they come with a Saloonbox subscription too)!

Kiel James Patrick American Summer Shirt

Kiel James Patrick makes amazingly preppy shirts, jewelry, and accessories. These shirts look comfortable, will last forever, and have the added bonus of being made in the USA (a rarity nowadays)! It also comes in 8 other designs, and they even have a scalloped-collar version for ladies, if you get a little jealous…

Scrabble Deluxe Wooden Edition with Rotating Game Board

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t already own Scrabble – but this would be an amazing upgrade
(especially if yours is so old it’s missing pieces)! It’s beautiful enough to keep out all the time, and will encourage some (hopefully) friendly competition!

Oggi Copper Plated Stainless Steel Flask

My husband keeps hinting that he wants a flask, so of course I had to put one on here! I love that this one is copper, and holds 8 ounces – plenty to share, right?

I hope you all have a great weekend, and if you’re not done with your holiday shopping yet, I hope this gave you some great ideas!