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Friday Favorites

friday favorites

Time for this week’s Friday Favorites!

It’s been a very long week, and I’m glad to spend the weekend catching up on my meditation practice, spend time with family, and celebrate the return of Chelsea Handler’s show on Netflix. I also plan to eat as many chocolate eggs as I can stuff in me! Here are a few of my favorite things from this past week:

I hope everyone has a fun and sunny Easter weekend!

Friday Favorites: Musical Genius…or not

Friday Favorites: Musical Genius...or not

“Practicing” the piano, and by practicing I’m probably just screwing around….

I’m wrapping up August with one final Friday Favorites! Here are some things I’ve enjoyed over the past week:

5 Fashion Blogs for the Over-30 Stylista

As a woman who grew up reading fashion magazines, it’s no surprise that I’ve been a fan of fashion blogs for years. I love seeing what women from all over the world are wearing, and how they’re wearing it.

Since many fashion blogs were created by women who were starting out in the fashion industry, or not part of it at all, many of their outfits were composed of affordable and easily attainable pieces. Unlike the magazines I grew up with, I can easily buy many of the things I see on blogs, instead of waiting for them to appear in stores (or as more affordable knock-offs). Blogs take the fantasy aspect of magazine editorials and make them more of a reality for their readers.

However, now that I’m in my 30s, I find that I read far fewer fashion-related blogs. Part of this is because many bloggers around my age changed their content after getting married, advancing in their careers, or having children – some even stopped altogether. Another reason is that a lot of fashion blogs are run by women in their early 20s, and their aesthetic reflects a much younger demographic.

The blogs I thought I’d share with you today are some of my favorites – some of which I’ve been fans of for years. These women embody the polished, professional, and confident style that women at any age can aspire to. While they are definitely stylish women, they are also phenomenal writers as well. I have enjoyed their words just as much as their images, and I hope you do too.

5 Fashion Blogs for the Over-30 Stylista

1. The Glamourai (www.theglamourai.com)

5 Fashion Blogs for the Over-30 Stylista

Created by Kelly Framel, The Glamourai has been a favorite of mine for years. A Texan who has lived in New York for years, Framel’s style has evolved as a result of her work as a stylist, inspiration from others, and her world travels. The website is an inspirational wonderland full of editorial shoots, home decor ideas, travel tips, and other odds and ends that inspire Framel. She encourages her readers to “elevate the everyday,” yet reminds us to always be aware of the impact our lives (and spending) has on the people and environment around us. If you are a fan of fashion that is clean-lined, yet quirky…decadent, yet conscientious, she is a great resource.

2. The Chriselle Factor (www.thechrisellefactor.com)

5 Fashion Blogs for the Over-30 Stylista

I couldn’t really tell you how I was introduced to Chriselle Lim’s lifestyle blog, The Chriselle Factor, but I have been an avid reader for the past couple years. Her blog encompasses a lot of different categories, including food, beauty, home decor, parenting – and yes, her wardrobe is pretty amazing too. Since she blogs full time, I would describe her style as “casually professional,” and she balances these elements with ease. In addition to her envious clothes, Lim gave a raw, honest account of her journey to motherhood, from suffering a miscarriage, her pregnancy, childbirth, and the reality of life (and body) afterwards. If you’re looking for an honest portrayal of juggling motherhood, a growing business, marriage, friends, and family – all while looking amazing – she’s your gal!

3. 9 to 5 Chic (www.9to5chic.com)

5 Fashion Blogs for the Over-30 Stylista

For the corporate workhorse, look no further than 9 to 5 Chic, created by Anh Sundstrom, a San Francisco based blogger who shares her daily outfits with readers. She has worked for the medical industry, where her wardrobe was more traditional and conservative, to the tourism/travel industry, where she can express herself a bit more, but still stays true to her professional roots. Her weekend wardrobe is just as amazing, and she has a great sense of how to dress for any occasion. If you’re looking for inspiration for what to wear while climbing the corporate ladder, or need advice on how to dress if you’re a bit on the petite side, check out this blog for sure!

4. Elements of Style (www.elementsofstyleblog.com)

5 Fashion Blogs for the Over-30 Stylista

While Erin Gates’ blog, Elements of Style, is mainly a home decor blog (she is an interior designer, after all), she also enjoys sharing her flair for fashion. I enjoy her quintessentially east coast style, and her desire to mix high, mid, and low budget pieces. Her sense of humor is spot on, and her writing makes me think we would make great friends. Most recently, she posted a rant titled “PSA: That is a Shirt, Not a Dress” that made me laugh out loud. She understands the importance of staying true to yourself while making sure your butt won’t hang out when you try to sit down. If you want a one-stop shop for great fashion tips, ideas on how to decorate your home, and finding great east coast vacation ideas, this is a good blog to turn to.

5. Garance Dore (www.garancedore.fr/en)

5 Fashion Blogs for the Over-30 Stylista

As you already know, I have a bit of a Parisian obsession, and I partly blame Garance Dore. Her blog is where I go to when I want to find out what’s new in fashion, get my monthly horoscope, learn about new beauty regimens, and life as a modern day woman. Garance’s writing is self deprecating, honest, and often takes on a stream of consciousness quality – not to mention she is really funny. She reminds readers that life should be exciting, and that we should never take ourselves too seriously. If your closet has more button-downs than dresses, and you’re always searching for the next best pair of jeans, check this site out.

There you have it – 5 amazing blogs to inspire your everyday style whether you’re 25 or 105!