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2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas

Finding the right outfit for every holiday event can be exhausting. This year, I’m trying to take some of the pressure off myself and keeping things simple. Pinterest is always a great place to find inspiration, and I have a board just for holiday outfits! While I don’t have too many plans this year (at least not yet), if something comes up I’ll be prepared!

Here are a few “themes” I put together to get you through the holidays with staples you probably already have (plus a few goodies you can pick up for fun)!

The Office Party: Basic Black + Sparkle

2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas

The office holiday party can be tricky. What you wear depends on a lot of factors: where the event is, who’s going to be there, and whether you’ll have time to change beforehand. I’m a huge fan of wearing black work staples with a little extra holiday “kick.” Any of these outfits will look polished during the work day, then transition easily to a party in the office, drinks after work, or a formal corporate shindig. I usually aim for “festive professional” for holiday office parties, and all three  options fit the bill!

Brunch: Channel Emmanuelle Alt

2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas

I never understood “dressing up” for brunch with friends, so I suggest taking a cue from my casual, “I-don’t-give-a-fuck” Parisian muse, Emmanuelle Alt. Grab your favorite worn-in jeans, a neutral crewneck sweater, black ankle boots, and top it off with a classic peacoat or blazer. You’ll look chic AF while also giving off that “I didn’t try at all” vibe. If you really want to go a little “extra,” pile on the delicate gold jewelry or a rock brighter colored sweater…or both!

The Family Event: Fair Isle Sweater + Comfy Jeans

2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas

My family keeps things pretty casual for the holidays, and I also eat a TON during our Christmas get-togethers, so comfort is key. I never got into the whole “ugly sweater” craze because I’m from the Midwest where people still wear them un-ironically (and don’t want people to think I actually like wearing those tacky things). Instead, my idea holiday outfit is a fair isle sweater, comfy jeans (to accommodate for all the fudge I plan to eat), and some comfy shoes/boots. If your family get-togethers involve snowball fights with your sister’s crazy kids, a racist uncle or two, and lots of wine, this outfit will get you through.

New Year’s Eve: Add A Sequin Jacket

2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas

We almost never go out for New Year’s Eve, which is too bad because I have the perfect outfit that fits into almost any party scenario – take jeans and your favorite band tee, throw on a pair of colorful heels, then add a sequin jacket! It’s an unexpected, sparkly twist that requires almost no added effort. Sequin jackets look best with minimal makeup, slightly messy hair, and few accessories. Basically, you can just throw on the jacket and BOOM – instant rocker girl vibes!

If you want to see more outfit inspiration (or want to know more about each look), check out my “2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas” Pinterest board!

Holiday Cards: 5 Pieces of Advice

Holiday Cards: 5 Pieces of Advice

Now that it’s December, it’s time to start getting serious about those holiday cards! Maybe you’ve already had your family photo taken, ordered custom designs, or if you’re really on top of things, you popped them in the mail the day after Thanksgiving. Or, if you’re like me, you bought them but haven’t sent them out yet.

While I am pretty easygoing about holiday cards, I do have a few rules I live by when it comes to sending out cards – and a few pet peeves. So without further ado, here are 5 pieces of advice that will make giving (and receiving) cards a smooth process!

Holiday Cards: 5 Pieces of Advice

Don’t Procrastinate!

It’s still early, so don’t panic yet – but don’t sit there thinking you’ve got time, either. Now is the perfect time to get started! Make a list of everyone you want to send cards to and their addresses. Then, sit down and write a few each night, instead of killing your hand trying to write out 100 cards in one night!

Generally, if you are sending most of your cards locally, getting them out by December 15th is fine. If you’re like me, and they’re all going cross-country, aim for December 10th at the latest. That way, you’ll be sure it gets to their home by Christmas. Hanukkah is December 6-14 this year, so if you’re aiming to deliver cards to your Jewish friends on time, you’d better get on it now!

When in Doubt, Go Neutral

Every year, I love getting cards from friends and family all over the country – and no, I don’t care if they’re Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, or general “Happy Holidays” cards. I like them all, and I could not care less what they say on the front.

I still don’t understand why people get so angry over getting a card that doesn’t explicitly reflect their own preferences – it just seems rude to me. I don’t want my Jewish friends sending me a Christmas card if that’s not what they celebrate, and I wouldn’t want them calling to yell at me for sending a card with something vaguely “Christmasy” on it.

That being said, I go with a neutral holiday card anyway. I think mine this year have candy canes on them or something. I do this because I don’t want to send out two sets of cards, or try to keep straight who gets which.

I say choose a design you like, and don’t worry about it. If your luxurious Uncle Donald wants to pick a fight with you at dinner because your card didn’t say the word “Christmas” on it, tell him to straighten out his combover and grab another eggnog. It’s not that big of a deal, honestly.

Everyone Signs The Card

I’m not joking on this one. If you are old enough to write your name, you sign the card. Don’t make your girlfriend/wife/mother do it for you – it’s a huge pet peeve of mine, and it just comes off as tacky.

If you are a baby, obviously your mother will bail you out…or she’ll make you scribble on it with crayon, which in that case you go nuts.

No More Year-End Letters

My other major pet peeve is the annual “holiday letters.” Please stop sending these. I’ve never read one of these that didn’t come off as smugly over-righteous.

They’re all kind of the same anyway – your kids are the best at everything, you get to go on better vacations than all of us, your marriage is more pure and faithful than ours, and you had a cyst in your arm drained four times last spring. If I want to read all about how much better you are than me, or your family’s gross medical abnormalities, I’ll go check my Facebook feed.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – I do read them solely to judge you for your horrendous grammar and spelling skills. I can’t help it.

Saying Thank You

Thank you cards are tricky. It’s a good idea, but not always necessary – so here is how I do it:

Send a Thank You card if:
  • …the card came with a gift of any kind. Even a $5 Starbucks card warrants a thank you note. Even if you plan to see the person during the holidays, a note is still a nice gesture.
  • …you forgot to (or didn’t) send them a card. Send it immediately, and if you want to be less obvious, make it a “Happy New Year” card instead. If they made the effort, so should you – even if it is late.
  • I’m with Jenna Lyons about one exception to the hand-written card: sending a short email if the gift is something delivered by a third party, like flowers or candy. It’s nice to let the person know their delivery showed up on time, rather than making them wait a week or two to find out via a card in the mail.

This obviously doesn’t cover the post-holiday thank you notes, which you should send to anyone who gave you a gift, hosted a party you attended, or babysat for you while you got hammered on New Year’s Eve.

Well, now I’m off to get my list ready.

I also need to find out where to post office is around here so I can buy stamps. The stamps I have left are still from Ohio, if that tells you anything about how often I buy stamps.