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Friday Favorites


(A short attempt to work outside during a smoke-out)

Time for another Friday Favorites!

While this was a short week thanks to Labor Day, it wasn’t a very fun one. First, temperatures were supposed to hit almost 100 this week, which meant hiding in the AC for another week. Next, the entire west coast has been on fire! The smoke and ash has been so bad that it looks like it’s snowing. Yuck! I went to my favorite coffee shop to get some work done on Tuesday, but I only made it 20 minutes before leaving because I was already covered in ash. It didn’t really start to clear up until yesterday, and unless it rains soon, it’s going to be around for a while.

Being cooped up all week wasn’t fun at all, but I did have some extra time to goof around online! Here are just a few of the things I enjoyed online this week!

Friday Favorites

    • The Everygirl did their list of favorite beauty products from Trader Joe’s. I’ve never really bought any beauty products there, but I might now!
    • Since it’s been hot as balls lately, I’ve been using a facial mist to “freshen up” as I sweat all damn day. If you’re looking for a good one to try, check out Darling’s wish list!
    • BUST is killing it lately with their articles. This one is about one of their writers recreating 4 lipsticks from history. I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say some are more tempting than others!
    • I just picked up a copy of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, which seems to be the book of the moment. If this weather clears up, you’ll find me reading it at the beach this weekend!
    • In honor of it being almost fall, I decided to grab a pair of pumpkin-spiced flats from Ollio. They arrived yesterday, and I can’t wait to wear them everywhere! It’s going to be hard for me not to order them in every color! Here they are in all their glory:

friday favoritesI’m not sure what the weekend holds for me – it largely depends on the weather! Maybe a trip to the beach, or a seasonal closet switch-over…who knows! What are you doing this weekend?

Friday Favorites: Links Aplenty!

Friday Favorites Links Aplenty

Happy Friday!

This week has been busy, cold, but very pretty outside! I’ve enjoyed getting out for hikes in the fog, taking a zillion photos, and trying to soak in the warm sun as much as possible.

Yesterday, Independent Fashion Bloggers featured one of my recent posts on their weekly round-up of some of the best style blog posts on the web! To continue sharing the love, I wanted to share the list with all of you too! I’m always looking for new inspiration on the fashion front, and this is a great place to start!

So here you go! Enjoy this week’s list of amazing fashionistas, and their (much better than mine) style. Oh, and have a great weekend!

Links à la Mode, November 12

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Friday Favorites: Holiday Hangover

Friday Favorites: Holiday Hangover


Watching an amazing sunset before fireworks on the 4th. It’s the only decent picture I got on my phone!

Now that we’re all back into the swing of things after a long holiday weekend, and my husband’s back home after being away for a couple weeks, it’s time to spend this weekend relaxing at the beach, sleeping in late, and trying not to eat all the cupcakes I have left over from our anniversary celebration yesterday.

While we all prepare for a less hectic weekend (hopefully), here are some links to check out if you get bored this weekend!

Makeup artists are letting us in on their favorite makeup brush cleaner – and it’s only $2!

A Parisian outfit I would straight up copy if I could!

I don’t wear glasses, but for those who do, Lisa Eldridge has some great pointers for doing your makeup to best enhance your eyes based on whether you’re near or far-sighted! 

Pulled Pork Pierogies sound like the most dangerous food on the planet. Anything that helps me carry around pulled pork without making a mess is probably a bad (and by bad, I mean amazing) idea!

Ellen Pao, CEO of the popular website Reddit, recently fired Victoria Taylor, the main moderator of the site’s popular “Ask Me Anything” page. People of the internet responded by shutting down large portions of Reddit, and gaining over 200,000 petition signatures, asking Pao to step down. It is one of the largest online protests I’ve ever seen, and it will be interesting to see how things shake out in the near future.

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