4 Pretty Nail Colors for Fall

4 Pretty Nail Colors Fall

While I am painfully aware that trends exist, I don’t always follow them. So when it came time to choose some new nail colors for fall, I ignored what I read in magazines and went with colors I knew I’d actually wear. For example, I keep seeing pastel blue everywhere? It’s not a color I associate with fall, and one I probably wouldn’t wear anyway. To me, fall is about adding a little brown or gray to shades I already wear – nothing too far off my normal routine.

Since I am trying out some new colors for fall, I thought I’d go with the Sonia Kashuk line at Target. They’re only $4.79 per bottle, and they come in some on-trend shades for fall. Here are the 4 pretty nail colors for fall, whether you’re a trend-setter, trend-follower, or neither! Click on the names below if you want to buy them for yourself!

Mauving On Up:

I’m not a light pink polish kind of gal, but this one seems perfect for fall. It’s mauve with a grayish tone to it, which I think will look perfect with all the grays I wear in fall and winter.

Rich Girl:

I wear orange polish frequently, but the orange polishes in my collection are bright and cheery. This is a straight-up pumpkin shade that’s perfect for fall. It looks less pink in real life, and will be a great shade to add a bit of pop to my fall wardrobe. I would love to wear this on my toes instead of my usual red or pink.

Forbidden Fruit:

This is a deep magenta that I think will be a color I wear year-round! I looked for something similar for years, but most shades were too purple or red. This is a great in-between that would look great on toes too!

Gray Matter:

I have been wearing OPI’s “Metro Chic” for years, which is the perfect muddy gray-purple shade. It’s since been discontinued, but I do love the look of grey nails in fall. It’s a great alternative to black polish (which I wear a lot in winter), and this one has a slightly bluish tone.

So there you have it! Head on over to Target to check out this collection, and I hope you find a shade or two that are perfect for your fall nails!

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Spring Ready Hands & Nails

spring ready hands & nails

I don’t know about you, but winter is absolute hell on my hands. The dry air and constant hand-washing (no cold/flu germs here!) leave my hands and nails in bad shape come springtime. I also have the most sensitive skin on my hands – I suffer from contact dermatitis, which means I’ll get rashes/blisters from almost anything (soaps, moisture, my wedding ring, etc).

Once spring comes around, and my skin finally clears up, I make sure to treat myself to some new skincare for my hands and nails. Here is what I’ve been loving this past winter, and continuing to use well into spring!

Spring Ready Hands & Nails:

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion

I’m a huge fan of Vaseline’s hand lotions, which I use before bed to make sure my hands are baby soft in the morning. I also like that they’re pretty inexpensive, so I don’t feel bad slathering my hands in tons of it each night!

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Before bedtime, I also add some of the Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream to my cuticles and any other parts that are extra dry (like my knuckles) to soothe the dry, cracked skin and keep my nails healthy. I’ve had the same tin for, like, two years and it’s still going strong!

Que Bella Moisturizing Hand Mask

As an extra treat, I’ll occasionally use masks like the Que Bella Moisturizing Hand Mask before painting my nails a nice, happy color. Que Bella makes these amazing glove masks that you just put on and chill out – and you can find them for only a couple bucks at Target!

OPI Nail Lacquer in My Chihuahua Bites

I’ve been hooked on OPI’s nail polishes for years because they don’t contain formaldehyde – an ingredient that commonly irritates people with sensitive skin. It’s the perfect cheerful color to throw on any time of year!

My regimen is something I try to keep up with year-round, and while it doesn’t totally fix my issues with irritation, it has kept me from breaking out in blisters like I did in the past. If you suffer from sensitive skin like me, these products are all definitely worth checking out!

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Winter 2015 Nails

Winter 2015 Nails

Winter nails often reflect the holiday season, and my collection is no different. This time of year, I like branching out from my usual maroon, oranges, and neutrals to include colors I don’t wear any other time of the year. Here is what you’ll find me wearing on my nails this winter!

“And a Cherry on Top” from Sephora by OPI

While this color has been discontinued, I find it’s a pretty good dupe for OPI’s “Big Apple Red,” which I linked to above instead. It’s the best plain red I’ve ever had, and I love using it to brighten up an all black outfit. It also looks great with a gold top coat!

“High Roller” from Ulta

This is a great gold polish when you’re looking to glam it up for the holidays or New Year’s Eve! I like doing a few coats of this, and adding “Golden State” on top for extra sparkle! You can do this on all your nails, or just your ring finger for a subtle sparkle!

“Black Satin” from Rimmel

I’m not a huge fan of black polish, usually because it’s too thin or stains my nails. Rimmel’s black polish, however, only takes two coats (three if you’re doing really thin coats) and doesn’t leave my nails stained as long as I use a basecoat. I love adding “Golden State” on top for extra sparkle, especially if you like the graduated glitter effect.

“Golden State” from Ulta

I’ve had this polish for a few years, and it’s my go-to glitter topcoat. It’s plain gold glitter, which I love compared to some of the iridescent and mixed color versions that are out there. This is another discontinued polish, and I have to admit it’s probably time to replace it with something new (it leaked when I moved last year). Ulta has a similar version, but I think I’d replace it with Essie’s “As Gold As It Gets,” which looks like an exact match. The link above is for the Essie polish, if you’re looking for a new gold polish too!

“Sheer Petal” from Revlon

I recently bought this one as a drugstore dupe for OPI’s “Bubble Bath,” and it’s the perfect neutral for my super pale winter skin. I can see myself wearing this one year-round! I’ve also added gold glitter on top of this, and it’s a much more subtle, work-appropriate choice if you want some sparkle with your everyday looks!

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Fall Nail Polish Update

Fall Nail Polish Update

In addition to needing a wardrobe update, my nail polish collection needed a bit of a fall refresher. I’ve been a fan of Revlon’s nail polishes lately, and they are great at keeping things on trend each season!

They’re the brand I go to when I want to find a dupe for OPI, Essie, or other pricier polishes – or when I want to try out a new trend without spending a lot. The formulas are great, they dry quickly, and come in dozens of amazing colors!

Fall Nail Polish UpdateFrom left to right: Vixen, Sultry, Sophisticated, Elegant

I picked up Vixen mainly because my maroon OPI polish was almost gone and had started drying out. This color is almost an exact match, and looks amazing on my toes!

Sultry was a shade I chose because I kept seeing this sparkly, deep blue in every September fashion magazine this year – and I wanted to give it a try without paying a lot, in case I don’t like it. I had a similar version of this from Ulta years ago and hated it (it read more purple than blue), so I can’t wait to see if this one is better!

Sophisticated has been my favorite so far – it’s the perfect light grey, with just a hint of lavender. If you like Essie’s neutral grey polishes, this one is a great substitute! I just need a sweater to match….

Finally, Elegant looks like the perfect neutral for fall, and I think will look great both with what little tan I have left, and once I start getting a bit paler (which is happening very soon). I haven’t tried it yet, but I probably will once I get over wearing the grey polish so much!

So, if you’re looking for the latest nail trends for fall, definitely check out Revlon’s nail polish collections – they’re only $4-5 each, and come in so many colors, it’ll be hard to choose just a few!

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Summer Nail Polish

Summer Nail PolishOne thing I get excited for in the summer months is getting to branch out with nail color. Most of the year, I stick with plain neutrals or classic reds – but not in the summer! I think this happens because I wear brighter colors in the summer, and it’s the only time of year where my toes are on display, which means more valuable real estate to paint!

I chose the four that I find myself wearing most during the summer, and all of them work just as well on fingers as they do toes. I’ve also branched out in brands lately, too, since you can find some great colors without paying top dollar for them. I’ve been known to grab a $12 OPI nail lacquer and walk around the store trying to find a cheaper version!

Oh, and you can wear any combination of these four on your fingers or toes, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of the whole “do they match” argument. Yes, they all “match.” Wear one on your fingers, and another on your toes – you can’t really go wrong.

Here are my favorites for summer!

Summer Nail Polish

Revlon Nail Enamel in Enchanting

I bought this one recently while on the hunt for a good lavender shade. This shade doesn’t go on evenly, so it definitely takes 2-3 solid coats to fully cover. However, it is a great bluish purple with just a tiny hint of sparkle, which looks great with a tan!

OPI Nail Lacquer in My Chihuahua Bites!

It was really hard to get a good photo of this one, so pretend it’s a bit more watermelon pink than bright orange! I’ve been a die hard OPI fan for years, and this shade is a great deviation from my usual reds and oranges when I’m looking to switch things up for summer.

Essie Nail Color in Turquoise & Caicos

While I’ve never been a huge fan of Essie polishes, I took a chance on this one last summer because everyone online was raving about it. It’s a great shade for toes, especially if you have darker skin or a good tan. My main problem with Essie polishes is that they go on uneven, but this one didn’t at all, so I’ve kept it in the rotation.

Maybelline Color Show in Sapphire Siren

I raved about the Color Show collection on my old blog, and I still am! I love these polishes because they’re usually in the $2-$4 price range, and they dry very quickly – which is perfect when you’d rather spend your evenings with friends than waiting on your nails to dry! In the summer, I like going with navy as an alternative to the black and grey polishes I wear the rest of the year. It’s dark, but not too gothic for summer.

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