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2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas

Finding the right outfit for every holiday event can be exhausting. This year, I’m trying to take some of the pressure off myself and keeping things simple. Pinterest is always a great place to find inspiration, and I have a board just for holiday outfits! While I don’t have too many plans this year (at least not yet), if something comes up I’ll be prepared!

Here are a few “themes” I put together to get you through the holidays with staples you probably already have (plus a few goodies you can pick up for fun)!

The Office Party: Basic Black + Sparkle

2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas

The office holiday party can be tricky. What you wear depends on a lot of factors: where the event is, who’s going to be there, and whether you’ll have time to change beforehand. I’m a huge fan of wearing black work staples with a little extra holiday “kick.” Any of these outfits will look polished during the work day, then transition easily to a party in the office, drinks after work, or a formal corporate shindig. I usually aim for “festive professional” for holiday office parties, and all three  options fit the bill!

Brunch: Channel Emmanuelle Alt

2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas

I never understood “dressing up” for brunch with friends, so I suggest taking a cue from my casual, “I-don’t-give-a-fuck” Parisian muse, Emmanuelle Alt. Grab your favorite worn-in jeans, a neutral crewneck sweater, black ankle boots, and top it off with a classic peacoat or blazer. You’ll look chic AF while also giving off that “I didn’t try at all” vibe. If you really want to go a little “extra,” pile on the delicate gold jewelry or a rock brighter colored sweater…or both!

The Family Event: Fair Isle Sweater + Comfy Jeans

2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas

My family keeps things pretty casual for the holidays, and I also eat a TON during our Christmas get-togethers, so comfort is key. I never got into the whole “ugly sweater” craze because I’m from the Midwest where people still wear them un-ironically (and don’t want people to think I actually like wearing those tacky things). Instead, my idea holiday outfit is a fair isle sweater, comfy jeans (to accommodate for all the fudge I plan to eat), and some comfy shoes/boots. If your family get-togethers involve snowball fights with your sister’s crazy kids, a racist uncle or two, and lots of wine, this outfit will get you through.

New Year’s Eve: Add A Sequin Jacket

2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas

We almost never go out for New Year’s Eve, which is too bad because I have the perfect outfit that fits into almost any party scenario – take jeans and your favorite band tee, throw on a pair of colorful heels, then add a sequin jacket! It’s an unexpected, sparkly twist that requires almost no added effort. Sequin jackets look best with minimal makeup, slightly messy hair, and few accessories. Basically, you can just throw on the jacket and BOOM – instant rocker girl vibes!

If you want to see more outfit inspiration (or want to know more about each look), check out my “2017 Holiday Outfit Ideas” Pinterest board!

Fall Fashion Trends: Love/Hate

I’m sure I’ve said it a million times this month, but fall is coming. Today, I thought I’d round up my favorite fall trends for this year. While doing this, I also found a few trends I think we should all pass on this year. So for your amusement or inspiration, here are some trends I loved and hated for this fall.

fall fashion trends love hate

Sources: Photo 1 / Photo 2 / Photo 3 / Photo 4 / Photo 5

Trends I Love:

Navy-inspired Overcoats

Every French woman out there is probably groaning right now because they’ve known that Navy-inspired coats have been cool forever. So get out your old navy peacoat and freshen it up with some gold buttons. That’s what I’m doing, if I ever get around to it!

Pumpkin-spice Orange

Orange is always a big fall color. This year is no exception. Get out your pumpkin-hued clothes and pair them up with any of the other 4 trends here, or go monochromatic for a glamorous effect.

Tartan Plaids

Plaid is also a traditional fall staple, but this year think outside the flannel shirt too. Tartan plaids were huge this year at all the fashion weeks, from coats to skirts to dresses. You can still rock the flannel shirts too…but maybe grab a midi skirt for days when you want to look more fashion than basic bitch.

Turtlenecks Under Dresses

Leandra Medine has been telling us for years to wear turtlenecks under our dresses – and we’re finally listening. It’s a great way to transition your summer dresses to fall. I like the look of a turtleneck that matches the dress, but hey, the whole point of this is you can mix it up however you want. Turtlenecks are cheap as shit (try Uniqlo), which means you can find one to go with every dress you own.

Leopard Print

I’m not sure leopard print ever went away. Whatever, it’s back and ready for fall. Don’t be afraid to mix it with other prints (like the photo above) or treat it like the neutral it is (thanks Jenna Lyons).

Okay…on to the things we should leave to a Kardashian or tweenster…. fall fashion trends love hate

Sources: Photo 1 / Photo 2 / Photo 3 / Photo 4 / Photo 5

Trends I Hate:

Tailored Sportswear

I’m not a fan of the whole “sportswear as fashion” thing, mostly because it can fail so easily. This look seems perfect if you’re 16 and rocking abs – not so much if you’re over 30. Too much shiny fabric and puffy coats just remind me of Ali G, and if you go the other direction, you just look like you’re trying to rock your gym clothes in the real world. Not into it.

The 80s

I can’t. I just can’t. Leave the gold lame and power shoulders in the 1980s where they belong.


This trend pisses me off because it hits too close to my childhood, and that means I’m old. Chokers were all the rage when I was in high school, and I’m not ready for them to come back. That, and were chokers ever comfortable? Nope.


Thanks to Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, and pick your Tudor-era television shows, this look is a thing now. I’ve never understood the Ren-Faire look outside of, well, a Renaissance Faire. I get that this trend showed up at more couture shows than ready-to-wear, so it’s not supposed to be realistic (though this photo did come from a RTW line…which is…odd). Either way, I’m not liking this one. Unless you’re into LARP-ing, then dive right in.

Dusty Pink & Yellow

I’m convinced this “trendy” color combo happened because designers got their Fall and Spring lines mixed up. Who the hell wants to wear their Easter best in October? I’d be fine if this was mustard yellow and a deep-red wine color combo, but nope – it’s not. I don’t like the combination even for spring, so it’s a no for me.

Well there you go – my yearly assessment of what I’ll be wearing, buying, and ignoring for fall 2016!

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

Spring is finally here, which means it’s time to pack up the bulky fisherman knits (okay, maybe leave out a couple) and bring in some freshness to our closets! For some reason, this spring I’m more inspired to update my wardrobe – probably because spring and summer here kind of blend together, so I’m killing two birds with one shopping trip!

Anyway, here are some spring fashion trends that I’m looking forward to adding into my closet this season, and some styling ideas thanks to my Pinterest feed!

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

Trend #1: Marled Knit Sweaters

I have a ton of lightweight sweaters, but I’d love to add a cozier one to the mix for chilly spring days and summer nights. Marled knit sweaters are so soft and cozy, which makes them perfect to throw on with jeans and nice flats in the spring, and toss on with shorts and sandals in the summer.

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

Trend #2: Orange

Sure, we all wear a ton of orange in the fall (due to Pumpkin Spice Fever, I assume). However, orange is such a universally flattering color that we really can rock it all year! To keep it more spring/summer ready than fall, keep the orange bright and cheery! I love that it works well with denim and other neutrals, and bright orange accessories add a nice pop to any outfit. I don’t look good wearing yellow unless I have a serious tan, but I can pull off orange any day!

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

Trend #3: Soft Pinks

Soft pinks are clearly a nod to one of the Pantone colors of the year, but I have to say they should be a staple in our wardrobes for years to come. I’m not usually a fan of pink, but I love the subtly feminine twist this can have on both casual and work outfits. It’s a great change-up from the white tee, and matches damn near anything in your closet. Consider it your new neutral!

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

Trend #4: White Shirt (with a twist)

White blouses have existed since the beginning of time – and this year is no exception. Spring is calling for crisp, white shirts with unique details. I have a feeling the basic white tee is going to fall out of fashion if this trend catches on. I love seeing white blouses with unique details that flatter almost any body type. As a woman who struggles to fit into blouses (thanks to my button-popping DD boobs), I love that this look is structured but not tight-fitted. For the first time in years, I might actually find a white shirt to keep for years to come!

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

Trend #5: Flats

Flats are making a major comeback this year, in new colors, fabrics, patterns, and designs. I blame (and praise) Olivia Palermo for inspiring us all to leave the heels for date night, and elevate our everyday outfits with some seriously amazing flats. Your feet will thank you!

For more spring fashion inspiration, head on over to my Pinterest page to see more!

Winter Style Inspiration

Even though winter doesn’t technically start for a few more weeks, I’m already looking for inspiration for my wardrobe this winter. While I wear jeans and sweaters almost year-round, I want my winter wardrobe to have its own look.

So thanks to Pinterest, here is some winter style inspiration I’m looking to add to my collection!

Cable-knit Sweaters

I love big, cozy sweaters in the winter. While I have a few already, there’s always room for more in my closet. This year, I’d like to find a nice white or ivory one, and maybe one or two in fun colors, like green or dark plum.


Puffy Vests

I already own a black puffy vest, which I wore almost every day last winter because it never got that cold here. My coat collection is large enough, so I want to add some vests to my collection to add more color and interest. They look amazing with flannel shirts, bulky sweaters, or a long-sleeved tee on warmer days!


Bright Scarves

My winter coats are either black or navy, so when it does get cold enough to wear them, I like to add a fun scarf to mix things up. Adding a bit of color to such a dark coat also keeps me from looking like a pasty vampire, which is always a good thing!


Black Turtleneck + Big Skirt

I love that a black turtleneck can make any outfit seem instantly cooler and more chic. It can also add a bit of casual flair to a more formal outfit, and makes for a great backdrop for some serious statement necklaces. For holiday parties, I love the combination of a black turtleneck, long and full skirt, heels, and tons of sparkle! While I don’t have anywhere to wear an outfit like this, I still need a turtleneck to class up my usual jeans/sweater/sneakers combo!

Style Confession: I’m Basic

Style Confession: I'm Basic

(All photos taken from my Pinterst “Style” page as proof I gravitate to this shit.)

I have a confession to make – one that might not be cool to admit as a blogger:

I have the world’s most basic style. Painfully, painfully basic bitch. It’s okay, though, really.

In my younger years, I always thought that I’d grow up into a more style-savvy adult. My teenage and young adult years were spent pouring over fashion magazines, and waiting impatiently for the days when I could wear high heels, silk blouses, pencil skirts, red lipstick, leather handbag, and perfectly coiffed hair. I always saw my adult self as a corporate piranha with a feminine twist…or a bit of an edge, depending on the year.

That never happened.

There is one defining moment, though, that I think led me down this path of basic, simple, boring style:

I became an educator.

Instead of living my dream of being a business woman with a wardrobe that meant business, I ended up in one of the most conservative careers. Add living in the ultra-conservative, Bible belt that is the Midwest, and that pretty much killed any chance of having a style evolution.

There is an unspoken rule that, as a woman in education, we are required to erase any semblance of femininity or sexuality. This means no accidental peek of cleavage, nothing even remotely form-fitting, nothing trendy, no shoes with more than a kitten heel, and leave the lipstick at home. My work wardrobe was (and still is) overly baggy, mostly black basics, high-necked sweaters, and flat shoes. It’s why, when I moved to Seattle, I got rid of almost all of my work clothes. None of it fit properly, and I felt like a nun wearing it.

Now that I’m not teaching anymore, I’m working on finding my own style again – and it’s tough. I’m trying to erase decades of fashion programming, from the preppy look I rocked in high school, hoodies and jeans of my college years, and buttoned-up schoolmarm style in recent years. Pinterest helps a lot because it gives me a chance to see a big picture version of what I like. Apparently I like dressing like I spend all my free time in a Starbucks, sipping on my PSL, then frolicking in the fall leaves, and Instagramming every minute of it.

As it turns out, I do have a bit of a style “wish list,” based on things I seem to find in most of the photos I pinned:

  1. I live in skinny jeans, and apparently my future stylish self will too. None of mine currently fit properly – some are too tight, some too loose. I need to find a pair that fit, and buy a dozen of them in many, many colors.
  2. I still want the leather handbag, but larger and not necessarily black. I have an orangey-brown leather tote bag that I love, and hope to keep for the rest of my life – so I’m well on my way!
  3. I need to accept that I like simple, preppy things like flannel shirts, fisherman knit sweaters, plaid scarves, and tweed blazers. My high school years left an impression on me, I guess, and I should just learn to live with it. I like Starbucks, too, and that’s okay.
  4. Accessories are a trouble area for me. I like the idea of wearing more jewelry, but I never do. I’m lucky if I remember to put my wedding ring on before leaving the house (sorry honey). I’m not sure I even own a bracelet….
  5. When I head back to work (hopefully sooner than later), I need to figure out how to ramp up my professional wardrobe. I hated dressing like a teacher when I was one, and don’t want to continue on that path in the future!

Overall, I think I’m getting closer to finding a style that suits me. As I get older, I’ve come to accept that my body isn’t the prototype for clothes, and I have to work with what I have at the time instead of waiting for it to change. I’m getting better at knowing what I like, and avoiding things I don’t like just because they fit my body or budget.

Maybe someday I’ll rock the killer heels and red lipstick at work, but for now I’m happy with a good loafer and cable knit sweater, like I walked out of an LL Bean ad. 

Fall Style Pinspiration

As the temperatures cool, and the leaves change colors, it’s natural to start thinking ahead to our fall wardrobes. We pack up our swimsuits, shorts, and flip flops, and unpack our sweaters, boots, and scarves. We start to favor richer, deeper colors over the blinding whites and neons that work so well with a tan. Linen is replaced with leather as our iced coffees are slowly replaced by Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (or whatever “it” drink Starbucks has cooking).

While many people are lamenting about enjoying the last few warm nights of summer, I’m ready for the seasons to change, and for life to change along with it.

I’m also dying to crack open my scarf collection – it’s been too long.

Fall Style Pinspiration

Fall Style Pinspiration

Fall Style Pinspiration

Fall Style Pinspiration

Fall Style Pinspiration

(*All images taken from Pinterest, and linked to their original sources as far as I know.)

Home Office Inspiration

Since I am “working” from home these days (job hunting and blogging totally count, right?), my home office space is where I spend the bulk of my day. While I have my basic furniture already (desk, chair, and bookshelf), I’ve held off on getting anything else until I knew for sure what I would really need.

Now that I assume I’ll be spending me foreseeable future in my home office, I thought it might be time to give the place a little makeover. I’m currently sitting at my desk, staring at a blank, beige wall – and it’s sucking my will to live.

As with any good home project, I will start by obsessing over some of my favorite office spaces on Pinterest! Here are some ideas I’d love to incorporate into my office!

(*As usual, all photos link directly to their sources)

Home Office Inspiration

I really just want Jenna Lyons’ office…like, all of it. While I don’t have a pink desk, I’m sure I could easily do an inspiration wall like the one she has in her office. It would be the easiest (and cheapest) way to cover up the horribly ugly tan paint on my walls! (For those of you thinking I could paint the walls, my apartment complex will charge me $250 per wall to repaint when I move – so until I’m willing to eat the cost, it stays for now.)

Home Office Inspiration

Another idea I had to help cover up some of this gigantic wall was a bulletin board. I had one in my last apartment, and loved being able to fill it with things I loved (and some things I needed). It would also be a lot less damaging to the wall than tacking up things directly, I guess. This is a project I could easily do on a budget, and it would make a huge impact in the space!

Home Office Inspiration

In addition to covering up the beige walls, I thought about adding a rug to hide the beige carpet. Even though the carpet is new, it’s also very boring. This isn’t a cheap fix, so I probably won’t do it for now, but it’s something I’d like to do in the future!

Home Office Inspiration

Our home office gets a lot of light during the day, so of course one thing I’d love to add more of is plants. I love the idea of a hanging pot, or a shelf above the desk for some succulents or vines to hang down. This is another project I could easily do on a budget, and it would make a huge impact in such a large, open space.

So with a tiny budget, and all the time in the world, I think I can tackle making my home office more fun to be in over the next month or so! Now, off to find a super cheap, really big bulletin board!

Pinterest Favorites: Home Decor

I will admit, I was a bit of a late-adopter to Pinterest. I assumed it was a massive time waster for people who liked making collages and scrapbooks in high school (something I thought was a time waster back then). After using it for a short time now, I’ve grown to like it as a way to catalog things I like, recipes I want to try, and even workouts I’ll probably never do.

That’s right – I’m one of them now. You are welcome to follow my slide into the dark side here if you want.

I think the largest Pinterest board I have is for home decor, partly because I have no budget to do any of that, but I still like the fantasy of buying antique furniture, brass animals, and shit tons of candles (lame, I know). The strangest thing about using Pinterest is that I’m starting to realize more of what I truly like, since I get to see a whole page of it at once, and can visually make out the things that I find inspiring over and over again.

One thing I was surprised to find was how much blue pops up in the photos. I grew up with a mother who decorated our entire living room in blue. We’re talking blue walls, blue couch, and blue carpet – all of which was that middle of the road “country” blue. So when I moved out on my own, I declared I would never do that. However, after years of denying myself any kind of blue in my home, I kind of miss it. It’s not the bland blues of my childhood home I’m into, but rather pops of dark or saturated blues as accent colors.

(*No, these are not embedded Pinterest pins. I can’t figure out how to do that, so just click on an image and it’ll take you to the Pinterest pin…hopefully)

Living Room via My Domaine


Home Office via Elements of Style


Bedroom via Lonny Magazine


Bedroom via Design Sponge

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to see what else I’ve been loving lately!