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Friday Favorites


Happy Friday!

My main goal for this weekend is to go for a hike. I haven’t gone at all this year, and I’m itching to get back out there. I can only hope the weather holds up!

Have a great weekend!

Home Inspiration: Going Green

Home Inspiration: Going Green

Clockwise from top-left: The Everygirl / Design Sponge / Sarah Vickers via The Glitter Guide / The Aestate

Home Inspiration: Going Green

We’re moving today, and while we’re only moving a few buildings over, it still has me excited to decorate a new space. I’ve been going through my Pinterest boards recently for inspiration, and noticed a trend lately – a lot of green!

Green isn’t a color I gravitated to in the past, even if I’ve used it in a lot of my home decor choices in the past. I love hanging pictures of nature on my walls, and it’s a color that seems to work better with our “apartment beige” walls and carpet. It also matches up well with our neutral furniture, which is always a good thing. I’ve always fought against the terrible paint colors in apartments, but lately I’ve discovered it’s better to work with it instead. If green works, it works!

I’m looking forward to adding more green elements indoors, perhaps with a new shower curtain, some more nature-inspired wall hangings, and textiles – and plants, of course. We have more (and better positioned) windows in our new place, and I’m hoping they’ll bring in enough light to grow a small herb garden (I’m tired of paying so much for herbs…seriously). Our current place is so dark that almost nothing has survived the past year, so I can’t wait to live somewhere that things might actually grow.

This is also the first time we have a real balcony space we can decorate without the worry of cats eating our plants or people stealing our patio furniture. I can’t wait to make that a calm, plant-covered space to relax and enjoy as the weather gets warmer.

Moving to a new place is always a hassle, but knowing I get to decorate a place from scratch is a great motivation to get through it – even if it is only a short walk between the two places!

2015 Year in Review: Home

2015 Year in Review: Home

Decoration Inspiration: Thanksgiving / Spooky Fireplace / Holiday Decor: A Compromise / Home Office Makeover

My home-related posts this year were…not great. While I enjoy decorating our home, this year was challenging. We moved from a tiny, one-bedroom apartment that I lived in alone half the time, to a much larger two-bedroom apartment.

We have more space than we really need, very little storage, and I’m back to compromising with my husband. Add a tiny budget to that, and I’ve had to get very creative!

This is also the year I discovered Pinterest. It has been both a huge time-waster, and a great way to gather inspiration for future projects. I think it has helped me figure out what my home decor style really is, and I’ve enjoyed all the DIY projects they have on there to make my home amazing on a very, very tight budget!

2015 Year in Review: Home

Maintaining Wooden Cookware / Recent Thrift Store Buys / Thrifty Fall Updates / Easy Green: Potting House Plants

Even though I spent most of 2015 fantasizing about what I would love my future fantasy home to be like, I did also tackle some projects around the house. I learned how to take better care of my stuff, killed a few houseplants, and found some amazing thrift store buys.

I hope that next year I can tackle more DIY projects (I have one already in the works), figure out our storage problems, and since we’re planning on moving again soon, maybe find a place that meets more of our needs (like light…not that it’s easy to find here).

What are your home goals for 2016?

Apartment Patio Inspiration

Apartment Patio InspirationAfter reading about Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg’s balcony transformation on Ann Street Studio, I started thinking more about my own outdoor space, which right now is completely bare – and unfortunately is going to stay that way.

Our apartment has an open patio area, which unlike a private balcony presents its own problems. Sure, it’s huge and has a nice view – but it’s also entirely open to anyone who walks by. This means that, as much as I’d love to put things out there permanently, we can’t. We have cats that roam around the complex, and from what I’ve heard we also have neighbors with sticky fingers. There are also bugs…so…many…bugs! Such is the life when you live on the first floor, I guess!

In spite of all this, we do own some folding chairs that we take out there whenever we want to be outside, along with one of our side tables. It makes for a nice place to blog, read, or enjoy the evening sun. I wish I could add more lighting, plants, and maybe a rug…but alas, it is not in the cards, both budget or practicality wise! For now, I live with bringing in our chairs whenever we’re done outside and dream of an outdoor space we can make our own.

It doesn’t mean I can’t dream, though! Here is some inspiration via Pinterest for my future outdoor space!

Apartment Patio Inspiration

Apartment Patio Inspiration

Apartment Patio Inspiration

Apartment Patio Inspiration

Apartment Patio Inspiration


(*All images are linked to their original source, as far as I know*)

Life on Instagram: July 2015


(Clockwise from top-left) July started with a crazy heat wave, so I spent a lot of time at the beach and pool! / I also managed to check out a few new parks in July – this one was by far the most challenging. I was sore for days after. / Of course, the first time I take my husband to the beach, it’s cold and cloudy! It was nice to chill out and read, though. / Just noticed my pink sneakers are looking a bit worn out. Time for a good washing! Image Since we’re wrapping up the first month of Afternoon Glow, I thought I’d share some of my favorite posts!

Summer Skincare: (Mostly) Drugstore Edition I’ve gotten so much use out of everything on this post so far this summer! Now that the temperatures are cooler (for now), I’m missing my beach time!

Road Trip Tips I’m still itching to get out on the road and travel somewhere, but it’s not looking like I will for a while. I still can’t believe I made that cross-country trip almost a year ago – where does the time go?

Easy Green The succulent is doing well – the other plant is already failing on me. We haven’t had a lot of sunshine lately, and I’m starting to see that’s going to be a problem for me trying to grow anything here. Maybe someday I’ll live in an apartment that isn’t a dark cave!

Homemade Granola Bars I just remembered that I need to make more of these today – we’re almost out again! I still need to try making these with ingredients I’d like more…maybe next time….

Easy Green: Potting House Plants

Potting House PlantsI have a bit of a confession to make today: I’m terrible at keeping houseplants alive. The worst part is that I love having plants in my home – I just have a terrible track record of keeping them around.

I’ve killed african violets, bonsai trees, ivy, cacti, hibiscus, hydrangeas, and anything else that has come into my home. No matter how high or low maintenance a plant is, I will find a way to destroy it.

Most of my problem has to do with neglect, to be honest – remembering to water something I don’t look at every day is tough for me (note to self: set a reminder on your phone). Another problem I’ve faced over the years is that the apartments we’ve lived in aren’t great for plants.

Our current apartment doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight – mostly in the morning or early afternoon, and only on one side of the apartment. I can’t keep plants in our living room or bedroom because of it, which is a bummer because I’ve always wanted a jungle in my bedroom…haha. I’ve also lived in apartments that had bug problems, mold, super dry air from heat or a/c, and even one where my houseplants got stolen after I left them outside to soak up the sun. It’s like plant ownership just isn’t in the cards for me.

Even though I have such a crap track record, I got some smaller plants for my office. I wanted something to spruce up my bare office area, and hopefully with me spending so much time here, I’ll remember to water them…but not too much.   Potting House Plants A few weeks ago, while D was out of town, I decided to pick up some supplies to get me started. I found a couple small pots at a local thrift store for $1 each, and on the way home I grabbed a couple small plants, potting soil, and small rocks.

I think in total I spent under $15 on the whole thing, and I had enough dirt left over to re-pot my only larger plant that desperately needed it.  Potting House Plants I started out by adding an inch or so of rocks to the bottom of each pot. I don’t normally do this, but since neither pot had holes on the bottom, I thought this might help for now. If I find that it doesn’t help with drainage, I’ll find pots with holes.

For now, it seems to be working just fine. I also did some research online about which potting mix to use, and this one was pretty well reviewed, so I went with it. I’m sure I could Martha Stewart it and make my own potting mix, but who has time for that?Potting House Plants

After potting my new plants, I gave them a good watering and left them outside for the afternoon while I neglected cleaning up the mess I made. I eventually got around to cleaning it up, I swear!

So far, both plants are doing alright. I tried putting the green one in our bedroom, but it started sagging after a couple days, so it’s back in the office. I guess I’m just not meant to have my jungle bedroom just yet.

If these manage to survive, I’m looking forward to adding more to the house. I’m doing more research into growing herbs, since I’m getting tired of paying $2 every week for chives to put in my scrambled eggs, and I hear basil is practically impossible to kill – though if anyone could do it, it would be me.