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Friday Favorites

friday favorites yoga

Welcome to another weekly edition of Friday favorites!

Man, it’s been a crazy week around here!

Summer finally decided to make an appearance, with temperatures well into the 90s all week. We’re also dealing with a smoke cloud over the Seattle area, thanks to a forest fire that started in Canada. Needless to say, I spent the last week cooped up inside hiding from either the heat or smoke!

Here are some things I enjoyed this week while hiding from the heat!

  • Free People wrote a great post this week on when to toss your green beauty products. If you recently cleaned up your beauty routine, it’s worth checking out to make sure your beauty products are still safe to use!
  • I’m in the process of re-organizing my closet, and Aimee Song’s closet tour was full of so much inspiration!
  • You know I love a good DIY face spray, and Orchid Grey came up with a quartz-charged rose spray I’d love to make! I’m not sure if I buy into the whole quartz thing, but the scent sounds divine!
  • I am currently cooking my way through Veganomicon, and recently made their Southwestern Corn Pudding. I’m definitely making this one again soon!
  • My husband’s succulent has exploded, and I’ve been shopping online for some small pots to plant all the little baby succulents. I am going to do my best not to buy, like, 10 of these adorable Japanese-style painted pots:

Aren’t the adorable?

Anyway, before I go down the rabbit hole on Amazon…I hope you all have a great weekend! I’m planning to maybe go to the beach if it’s not too hot. Otherwise, I’ll be in front of the air conditioner like everyone else in Seattle!

Friday Favorites: Rollin’ Dirty

heather big wheel

I was sleeping in braids to get wavy hair before it was cool…and check out those blunt bangs!

This week has been all about gettingĀ out and enjoying the last few days of summer…and avoiding the construction noise going on upstairs. I did some decorating, soaked up the sun one last time at the beach, and baked my first ever Beer Can Chicken. Although the temperature hit 90 here on Wednesday, it’s looking and feeling a lot more like fall around here!

Here are some things I enjoyed on the internet this week!

– I really want to live in this photo shoot by Jamie Beck. It looks like the perfect way to end the summer and ring in fall!

– Brit + Co are predicting that Pecan Pie M&Ms are going to be the new fall food craze. I’m skeptical, but I also was about Pumpkin Spiced Lattes until I learned how to make my own. Will you give them a try?

– I don’t own a Cricut machine, but if I did I would make about a million of these paper succulents. At least I know I can’t kill those, right?

– Julia Kostreva makes such beautiful iPhone cases, it’s hard for me not to buy them all…especially since her iPhone 5 cases are only $20! I really want this tortoiseshell one…maybe someday….

– Here is the Baked Beer Can Chicken recipe I used. It turned out amazing, and we’re definitely going to add this to our regular dinner rotation!


*Note: There will not be a post on Monday. Sometimes things you want to blog about just don’t work out, you know? I’ll be back on Tuesday with one of my favorite parks!