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Target Mask Haul for Indecisive Skincare Hoarders


During the summer months, my skin always goes a bit crazy. Between the extra heat and sweat, my skin breaks out and stays an oil slick from June to pretty much October. To combat that, I’ve started using masks to treat and calm my skin.

Since I love trying new things, I love going to Target and buying several travel-size masks instead of one full-sized mask. I get to try out a bunch of new products without breaking my budget, and if I find one I love, I’ll go find the full size later. Plus, they are great to stow away in a carry-on bag or in your luggage while traveling. They take up much less room, and give you an excuse to indulge a little.

Target has really stepped up their face mask game lately, so I went recently to pick up a few new masks to try out!

Burt’s Bees Rejuvenating Eye Masks

I’m dying to try these eye masks soon! They are a bit pricier than the Que Bella eye masks, but hopefully they will be worth it! I’m planning on packing these into a carry-on during my next trip, but if I use them sooner I’ll let you know how they are!

Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask

Since my skin is prone to breakouts in the summer, charcoal masks are my best friend! They do a great job of clearing my pores, and the added salicylic acid means it’ll fight off future breakouts too! I can’t wait to give this one a try, and hopefully replace my previous charcoal mask, which was too irritating. This one is also made with 96% natural ingredients, which is important to me now that I’m trying to clean up my beauty products!

Que Bella Professional Moisturizing Gel Eye Masks

I have to admit, these are not a new purchase for me. I’ve been using Que Bella’s eye masks ever since I did a review of their professional range last year. They are so good that I just keep stocking up whenever I go to Target!

They feel so luxurious, stay in place, and leave my eyes feeling soothed and plump afterwards! I also love that each pack comes with 3 pairs, which is a great deal!

Alba Botanica Fast-Fix Sheet Mask in Papaya Anti-Acne

I don’t typically like sheet masks, but I absolutely love Alba Botanica’s products – so let’s say I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s hypoallergenic, which my sensitive skin loves, and I imagine it smells divine, like the rest of their products!

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask

I actually did a review of this Target mask for a freelance client a few weeks ago, and after writing about it I had to try it! This mask feels more like a gel than a traditional mud mask, and I’m not sure it ever fully “dries.” However, it comes off easily and left my skin feeling clean without the dry pulling feel of a regular mud mask. This is a great mask to wear while meditating – no distractions from the drying/pulling on your skin while you’re trying to focus!

So if you’re like me and obsess about trying new skincare products, save your money and do a Target mask haul of your own! It’s hard not to come home with a dozen each time, but I do my best!

4 Pretty Nail Colors for Fall

4 Pretty Nail Colors Fall

While I am painfully aware that trends exist, I don’t always follow them. So when it came time to choose some new nail colors for fall, I ignored what I read in magazines and went with colors I knew I’d actually wear. For example, I keep seeing pastel blue everywhere? It’s not a color I associate with fall, and one I probably wouldn’t wear anyway. To me, fall is about adding a little brown or gray to shades I already wear – nothing too far off my normal routine.

Since I am trying out some new colors for fall, I thought I’d go with the Sonia Kashuk line at Target. They’re only $4.79 per bottle, and they come in some on-trend shades for fall. Here are the 4 pretty nail colors for fall, whether you’re a trend-setter, trend-follower, or neither! Click on the names below if you want to buy them for yourself!

Mauving On Up:

I’m not a light pink polish kind of gal, but this one seems perfect for fall. It’s mauve with a grayish tone to it, which I think will look perfect with all the grays I wear in fall and winter.

Rich Girl:

I wear orange polish frequently, but the orange polishes in my collection are bright and cheery. This is a straight-up pumpkin shade that’s perfect for fall. It looks less pink in real life, and will be a great shade to add a bit of pop to my fall wardrobe. I would love to wear this on my toes instead of my usual red or pink.

Forbidden Fruit:

This is a deep magenta that I think will be a color I wear year-round! I looked for something similar for years, but most shades were too purple or red. This is a great in-between that would look great on toes too!

Gray Matter:

I have been wearing OPI’s “Metro Chic” for years, which is the perfect muddy gray-purple shade. It’s since been discontinued, but I do love the look of grey nails in fall. It’s a great alternative to black polish (which I wear a lot in winter), and this one has a slightly bluish tone.

So there you have it! Head on over to Target to check out this collection, and I hope you find a shade or two that are perfect for your fall nails!

Friday Favorites

friday favorites april 8

(Finally back to work after a month of moving, unpacking, and lots of allergy meds!)

Friday Favorites

I’m not sure what my plans are for this weekend. Last weekend was a busy one, since my husband basically kicked me out of the house all day Saturday (and for a good chunk for Sunday) so he could work on some writing alone. Hopefully he won’t do that again, but if he does, I guess it’ll be a good excuse to take my laptop somewhere awesome – like the Starbucks Reserve Roastery downtown. Come to think of it, I might have just come up with some plans!

What are you doing this weekend?

Beauty Review: Que Bella Professional

Beauty Review: Que Bella Professional

If you’ve been following my blog (or any of my old ones), you know I’m a sucker for great drugstore beauty products. I’ve always believed that great skincare doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and many companies have created amazing and affordable skincare.

Que Bella‘s face masks have been part of my skincare routine since they first arrived in Target stores in 2011 – and that might be the longest I’ve stuck with any one brand. Their Purifying Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Mud Mask is am amazing drugstore “dupe” for The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Face Mask – and I would argue that Que Bella’s is better.

Recently, Que Bella released a new Professional line of masks in Target stores and online that gives us more options than ever to get the skin we’ve always dreamed of. You have no idea how excited I am – well, maybe you do because by the time they came out, they were almost completely sold out!

Thankfully, the lovely people at Que Bella were kind enough to send me their Professional line to try for myself. I was so excited I may have squealed a little when the package arrived…

Beauty Review: Que Bella Professional


  • They smell absolutely amazing. Seriously, no weird medicinal or harsh scents here – every single one of them smells great! My husband’s favorite was the Revitalizing Overnight Face Mask – he said it reminded him of a nice perfume or something (I don’t remember exactly how he put it…I was half asleep).
  • The quality of the masks is comparable (sometimes better) than more expensive masks. The Repairing Charcoal Mud Mask, for example, is a great dupe for the Origins charcoal mask, and costs a lot less per ounce. I can confidently say they easily rival any high-end masks!
  • All of the pouches (except the sheet masks) contain enough product for two or more masks. This makes them an even better bargain – or the perfect excuse to share with a friend (or curious husband). The Moisturizing Gel Eye Masks come in sets of 3 pairs, so you can definitely share, or keep them for later!
  • The sheet masques live up to the hype! They fit perfectly and contained enough product to stick to my face. I’ve had a lot of trouble with sheet masks falling apart or drying out, but these were perfect!
  • They make the perfect gift! Between the pretty packaging and the price, I think giving a lucky friend or family member a set of these would be a great idea for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any occasion, really!


  • The only problem I had was some irritation on my sensitive skin. I’d highly recommend doing a small patch test before using if you have sensitive skin, or a particularly bad breakout (which was my issue). Even with sensitive skin, I only had a reaction to one mask – the rest were fine.
  • They are difficult to find in stores – but I guess that’s a good “con” to have, right? I’d suggest buying them online, especially if you live in a big city like me – and buy in bulk!

Other Notes:

Well there you go – another great drugstore beauty product to keep your skin glowing and your bank account happy!

Make sure to follow Que Bella Beauty
on Instagram at @quebellabeauty and
on Twitter at @quebellabeauty
for updates on new products and promotions!


(*Note: I was sent these products as part of a promotional campaign by Que Bella Beauty to review for my lovely readers. All opinions are entirely my own. Seriously, go buy these masks – they’re amazing!)

Getting Organized for 2016

Getting Organized for 2016

I think it’s normal for most of us to get on an organization kick at the beginning of the year, and I’m no exception! The weather sucks, which keeps us stuck inside and so bored we actually start thinking about getting our shit together. At least that’s how it works for me – all this idle time just makes me want to clean and organize my life to the smallest degree. You’ll see what I mean in the near future – I’ve been busy!

This year, I headed out to Target to pick up some cheap and easy products to get my life more organized for 2016. I love starting the year with a new planner, so I picked up the Blue Sky 2016 Weekly/Monthly Planner. It’s such a pretty planner that I have no problem leaving it on my desk, and it has everything I need to keep my life (and this blog) organized!

Getting Organized for 2016

Also, if you haven’t checked out the bargain section at Target (you know the one…right when you walk in the front door), you totally should this time of year! There are tons of pretty notepads, planners, clipboards, wall calendars and other office stuff that will help get you in the spirit. Each of these notepads is only $1, and the black and white pad is even magnetic, which is perfect for the fridge. These are great for the list-obsessed out there (like me). 

So if you’re like me, and pretending you’ll get your life together in 2016, don’t forget to hit up Target for all your list/calendar needs!

Summer Skincare: (Mostly) Drugstore Edition

Summer Skincare: (Mostly) Drugstore Edition 1

We’re in the middle of an insane heat wave here in Washington. This means I spend many afternoons at the beach, soaking up the sun – then straight home to hide in the cooler temps of our half-underground apartment. No A/C here – thankfully we don’t need it with the apartment being partially underground!

I thought now that we’re eyeballs deep in 90+ degree temperatures, it would be a great time to share with you some of my skincare must-haves for hot and steamy weather!

Summer Skincare: (Mostly) Drugstore Edition 2

 L’Oreal Paris Advanced Suncare Suncare Silky Sheer Lotion in SPF 30

I have oily, breakout-prone skin in the summer, so I always switch out my face sunscreen to something that dries matte and lasts forever. While this one isn’t technically for your face, it is gentle enough for sensitive skin, dries to a light finish, and does the job well. In fact, my face is still a shade or two lighter than the rest of me – it works that well! You can use this on the rest of your body as well, but since it comes in such a small bottle (and isn’t cheap compared to other sunscreens), I think it’s perfect for the face and neck.

Summer Skincare: (Mostly) Drugstore Edition 3

 Olay Foaming Face Wash – Combo/Oily

While I’m usually a Cetaphil junkie the rest of the year, I usually have to break out something a bit stronger in the summer. This stuff is great for removing makeup, sunscreen, and sweat without being too harsh. It also doesn’t have the “tingle” that many other cleansers have, so it’s perfect when you get a little too much sun too. It also smells nice, but what cleanser doesn’t anymore?

Summer Skincare: (Mostly) Drugstore Edition 4

Secret Outlast Solid Antiperspirant & Deodorant in Completely Clean scent

This is a fairly new product that Secret brought out. I’ve always used their clinical antiperspirant, but it does get expensive to keep shelling out $10 for a tiny stick. This stuff costs less than half as much (I got mine for $4), contains twice as much product, and after using it for a couple months now, it works just as well! If you’re like me, and you got hooked on the super strong antiperspirants, try this one out! It contains the same ingredients (just a tiny amount less of the “active ingredient”), and is a much better value than the clinical version!

(*Tip: If you’re “well-endowed” in the chest department like me, slide this stuff under your boobs before heading out. It helps prevent against heat rashes and the dreaded boob sweat lines!)

Summer Skincare: (Mostly) Drugstore Edition 5


Up & Up (Target generic brand) Sport Sunscreen Lotion in SPF 30

Unlike sunscreen for my face, I have no problem going cheap on sunscreen for the rest of my body. After years of working as a lifeguard, I found cheaper sunscreen worked just as well as the brand name stuff. I ended up with the Target one because that’s where I happened to be when I remembered I needed some – nothing more complicated than that! This stuff works really well, smells nice, and stays put. I always recommend going with a “sport” sunscreen because they don’t shift around as much when you sweat.

Summer Skincare: (Mostly) Drugstore Edition 6

 Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

Okay, so this is the only thing I use on a regular basis that isn’t a “drugstore” purchase, and frankly, it doesn’t really do anything. Keep it in the fridge, and spritz it on after a long, hot, sweaty day. Trust me – even the best of us need a bit of refreshing once in awhile, and don’t always have time to shower. This stuff will help in a pinch, and isn’t as strong or offensive as perfumes can be in hotter temperatures!

There you go – some easy summer skincare swaps that are easy on the budget too!

What skincare products are you loving this summer? I’m always on the hunt for new ideas!