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Friday Favorites: Fall is Here

Friday Favorites Fall

Happy Friday everyone!

This week has been so much better. I’m finally over being sick, the weather cooled off, and the leaves seemed to change overnight. Fall is officially here, and I’m excited to get out and enjoy it!

Since I haven’t done a Friday Favorites in a few weeks, I thought I’d share some things I’ve been loving online since then:

I’m looking forward to spending the weekend hiking, enjoying the cool weather and changing colors. It’s also football season, so I will hopefully get some time to read more too. There is nothing like getting cozy with a book, am I right?

What are your plans this weekend? How have you been ringing in fall where you live?

Friday Favorites: Fall Cleaning

Friday Favorites Fall Cleaning

For most of us, fall is the beginning of a new (school) year, and we gravitate toward the changing season with renewed focus and energy. I chose to pour my “new year” energy into doing some cleaning and organizing this week.

One afternoon I dedicated to going through my beauty products, updating things for the fall/winter seasons, and storing or tossing things I won’t need until next summer. If you haven’t done it yet, I highly recommend going through your stash and getting rid of things that are old, outdated, expired, or just no longer loved. It’s not only good for your actual health (two year old mascara is just asking to give you pink eye), but it’s good for your mental health, too. After a thorough clean of the apartment yesterday, I rewarded myself with some time outside on our patio…since it won’t be warm enough to do that for a long, long time!

Anyhoo, here are some things I have been enjoying this week on the internet!

  • Jamie Beck did an amazing review of Le Bristol Hotel in Paris, and now I’m fully convinced that, in full Liz Lemon fashion, “I want to go to there.” Like right now. Just hop on a plane and be there.
  • Part 2 of Alexa Chung’s documentary on the fashion industry came out this week, and is still making me bang my head against the wall that I didn’t go into fashion. I can’t design, sew, draw, or look good in clothes…but it turns out you don’t have to!
  • World of Wanderlust’s “A Quick Guide to Krakow” just made me add Poland to my travel bucket list. Having a Polish background helps, but who knew it could be such a nice, easy place to travel? Not me, that’s for sure!
  • I really, really want to try the Famous Chocolate Cupcakes recipe from A Cup of Jo because it looks insanely easy and very tasty! Unfortunately, my husband is on a self-imposed diet, so there will be no cupcakes in my life anytime soon. Apparently no dessert for him means no dessert for me, unless it’s something I know he won’t eat. I wonder if I can work in some hazelnuts….
  • Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine interviewed Stacy London recently for their Chatroom series, but this week she released an extended version as a podcast. I am looking forward to listening to the entire thing this afternoon while cozying up with some banana bread and a tea (so I lied about not baking…I’m PMS-ing hardcore and couldn’t take it anymore…husband’s diet be damned).

I hope everyone has a nice, relaxing weekend! It sounds like everyone who was eyeballs deep in Fashion Week might need a couple days of sleeping in, eating on a regular schedule, and a good foot massage – all of which I hope you get!

Friday Favorites…and a sporty flashback

Friday Favorites...and a sporty flashback

Showing my best game face, acid washed jeans, and 80s shirt knot. I would also kill for those sun-kissed highlights again for sure!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought that I would switch it up on Fridays and do some throwback photos to go with my favorites around the web!

This week’s photo is from when I was 6 or 7, I think. I was the only girl on the team, and clearly no one thought to put my hair up in a ponytail (though if they had, that helmet really wouldn’t have fit!). I never lost that intense stare, or the stiff batting stance – though I did stop putting knots in my shirts once they started giving me ones that didn’t come down to my knees (man, I was tiny back then).

Anyway, on to some of the things I’ve been enjoying on the internet lately!

– I just discovered my new favorite drink: Cucumber, Basil, & Lime Gimlet! They’re refreshing, light, and very boozy!

– The Coveteur makes a great case for dry brushing. Might have to start doing this….

– Even though our rude and obnoxious upstairs neighbors finally moved out, I am holding onto this website of beautifully designed, passive-aggressive notes in case our new neighbors are just as bad!

– Khloe Kardashian has a closet just for her workout gear. I might be a tiny bit jealous….

– If you didn’t stay up late enough last night, you can check out Jon Stewart’s last episode of The Daily Show here. Just make sure to have some tissues at hand!

Now get outside and have a nice weekend! We’re not going to get too many more of these!