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Winter Style Inspiration

Even though winter doesn’t technically start for a few more weeks, I’m already looking for inspiration for my wardrobe this winter. While I wear jeans and sweaters almost year-round, I want my winter wardrobe to have its own look.

So thanks to Pinterest, here is some winter style inspiration I’m looking to add to my collection!

Cable-knit Sweaters

I love big, cozy sweaters in the winter. While I have a few already, there’s always room for more in my closet. This year, I’d like to find a nice white or ivory one, and maybe one or two in fun colors, like green or dark plum.


Puffy Vests

I already own a black puffy vest, which I wore almost every day last winter because it never got that cold here. My coat collection is large enough, so I want to add some vests to my collection to add more color and interest. They look amazing with flannel shirts, bulky sweaters, or a long-sleeved tee on warmer days!


Bright Scarves

My winter coats are either black or navy, so when it does get cold enough to wear them, I like to add a fun scarf to mix things up. Adding a bit of color to such a dark coat also keeps me from looking like a pasty vampire, which is always a good thing!


Black Turtleneck + Big Skirt

I love that a black turtleneck can make any outfit seem instantly cooler and more chic. It can also add a bit of casual flair to a more formal outfit, and makes for a great backdrop for some serious statement necklaces. For holiday parties, I love the combination of a black turtleneck, long and full skirt, heels, and tons of sparkle! While I don’t have anywhere to wear an outfit like this, I still need a turtleneck to class up my usual jeans/sweater/sneakers combo!

  • Love the cozy sweaters!

  • The sweaters are my favorite collection, although I love the turtlenecks with long skirts. They definitely have a sense of sophistication and Audrey Hepburn.

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      I’m a huge fan of comfy sweaters when it gets cold, and a black turtleneck seems like a great staple everyone should have!

  • Cool ideas! Love the bright pink skirt


    • Thanks! I’m a huge fan of bright colors in winter – it’s a nice contrast to all the grey and black everyone else is usually wearing! Your blog is beautiful – I especially like your holiday wish list!

  • Don’t worry – parts of the US are still basking in the heat too…though not here (it’s raining every…single…day)! I’m sure you could easily swap out the black turtleneck for a tank top? 😉